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Ariat Grassmeare Boots - Are they worth the money?

posted Oct 05, 2011 15:50:08 by admin
What’s great?
Kate says: “When I first saw these boots, my first impression was that they were much more attractive than they looked in catalogues. I wanted boots I could ride in as well as use for dog-walking, and wearing to the pub, and when I tried the Grasmeres on, I loved them immediately.
“I liked the fact that you can tighten the laces to get a tailored fit on the leg, I liked the colour (mine are chocolate), the length of leg – other boots came up short behind the knee – and unlike many other country boots, these are designed for riding.
“The Grasmeres seem wider in the footbed than other Ariat boots I own, though I have particularly narrow feet. However my feet don’t slip around or get rubbed and the boots needed no breaking in. Even when laced up as tight as possible, they do “bag out” a little at the ankle, but this isn’t uncomfortable and doesn’t affect the fit.
I bought special Ariat suede and Nubuck cleaner for these boots, which worked well, though I’ve also cleaned them with shoe polish and leather balm.
“They’ve been worn quite hard so have become scuffed and the suede has taken a beating from the elements. However they’ve stayed waterproof even when I’ve stepped in deep puddles and chased greyhounds through the surf! The laces have never frayed and the inner lining of the boot is in good condition.
“They are more bulky over the top of the foot than normal leather riding boots, so I’ve found that you might need a pair of extra-long straps for your spurs if you wear them.”

What’s not so great?
Kate says: “There’s nothing not to like about these boots – they can go from office to yard, fit and wear well, look great with jodhs or jeans and are worth the price.
Let us know what you think!
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